Popular Jobs for Tourists in Australia

Australia is one of the highly visited nations by tourists from all the corners of the world. The country always welcomes and encourages foreign talent each and every year and creates many Jobs especially in tourism and hospitality sector. Visiting the nation will give more amazing experience if you visit on a working holiday visa. For those who would like to spend the least amount of cash on their holiday, Australia gives you the opportunity to have fun, make new friends and explore the nation while saving your money. You can easily find a job when on vacation which will enable you to earn during your period as a traveler. Here are the most popular jobs for Australian tourists:

1. Animal and plant cultivation — Amongst most backpackers, this is the most popular type of job. Basically, this job involves:

Crop harvesting, picking and packing of vegetables or fruits from the gardens.
You can also work at the vines trimming and pruning the trees.
Maintenance of the crops.
Looking after animals for sale or for tourist recreation
Helping with the sale of animal produce such as milk
Finally, you can earn money by helping with the processing of the animal products. You can be assigned duties such as butchering, shearing or packing.

2. Fishing and pearling: With the long coastline, you can work in Australia during your vacation in the fisheries sector. This relates to taking or culturing pearls, pearl shells or directly catching fish.

3. Tree farming and felling: This can also include carrying trees that have been cut down, as raw material, to the determined first stage of processing.

4. Mining: During your time in Australia, you can opt to work in the mining industry. This includes oil and gas drilling, mining of minerals, metals, coal mining and quarrying.

Primary Role
For you to qualify for a second working holiday visa, you need to play a primary role in the particular sector you are working in. This way, you can extend your Australian tour for another one year!