Employment in Australia’s Gaming Industry

Australia has one of the highest Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) exchange rates in the world. This means that per capita, Australians enjoy a standard of living that ranks its population in the top 20 in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


A high standard of living means that people have many opportunities to enjoy goods and services that usually fall into the category of discretionary spending.


While this distinction is the type of thing that would make Australian economists proud, it means little unless reduced to the impact on the everyday lives of the population.


Simply translated, Australians have time and money to spend on any and all manner of recreational activities, meaning that there are many and diverse employment opportunities in sectors related to sports and leisure.


In other words, Australia’s gaming industry including casinos, sports, horse racing and other entertainment-related activities, has a constant need of employees who can fund advanced education, support a family or otherwise finance the goals of men and women of all ages.


Let us take the online bookmaking operators for a brief example. From entry level, first-job-out-of-school positions to the corporate boardroom, the bookmaker industry employs thousands in just about any capacity you care to imagine.


These employers are not hard to locate, either, and they always have job openings needing to be filled. Many people know of the online bookmaker operations because the adverts for Bonus Bets and Bookmaker No Deposit Bonus Bets, or other variations of that theme are all over the place.


The bookmakers have job opportunities spread across the country. Those looking to start a career or give a boost to their incomes might be surprised to learn that a Customer Service Representative can earn $50,000 – $65,000 per year working in the vicinities of major metro areas such as Brisbane, Darwin and Melbourne, to mention just three.


Those who love sports can find ample jobs where they can combine their knowledge and passion into a career with a multitude of advancement opportunities.


It is quite common for bookmakers to have a voracious need for people with advanced technical skills. Online bookmaking leans heavily of computers for many aspects of their operations, so openings usually exist for job titles such as Senior Test Engineer and Senior Cloud Platform Engineer.


If you have as little clue as do we concerning lofty job titles like those in the previous paragraph, fret not, because the bookmaker industry has plenty of openings for people with outgoing personalities who enjoy the variety of dealing day-to-day with all manner of services delivered to the wagering public.


To give a brief insight into the economic impact of Australia’s well-regulated and taxed wagering industry, with the implications for those seeking gainful employment, we fall back on a 2003 report issued by the National Institute of Economics and Industry Research (NIEIR). It is one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind ever undertaken. Obviously, the wagering industry has enjoyed steady growth in the intervening years, so the figures here are conservative.


According to NIEIR, in New South Wales alone, the economic benefit of the gambling industry was overwhelmingly positive to the tune of over $1 billion to the incomes of New South Wales households.


More simply stated, this means that there are plenty of jobs to be had for people of every background, disposition and skill level.